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(after closing the window 3 times already)
(16:47:58) peachesNcreamez: really no joke whats your real name
(16:48:18) smcgheek: hey. im trying to get some work done here. would you mind not bothering me?
(16:48:56) peachesNcreamez: do you know katie
(16:49:22) smcgheek: go do some algebra homework
(16:49:30) peachesNcreamez: no
(16:49:35) peachesNcreamez: dont have any
(16:49:38) smcgheek: sorry, then do some phonics.
(16:49:46) peachesNcreamez: dont do that
(16:50:06) smcgheek: seriously, im at work. im glad youre home from school.

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Username : peachesNcreamez
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Hi to yall. I love Justin. you are my honey. i love you! :-*:-Pi miss you so much!

shoutouts to:
-everyone from the nationals pageant! we kicked ass out there girls!
liz,kate,maria,justin,jen,jill,alyssa,britt,kiley,paige, ellen, and anyone else i forgot. === sorry if i forgot you. all of you mean a lot to me!!!!!- of course that was all bull!
i love jagged edges new song “where the party at” and 112’s ” Peaches n Cream”

steve- do you have raceing sperm? lol
ellen- we need to get together and show steve and chris what its all about! lol
brenna- you me and gym class! lol

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