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  • Jen 3:27 pm on October 31, 2007 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, monkey love   

    Sean (via IM): man, why does everyone have a monkey to love but me?!

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  • Max 11:35 pm on October 7, 2003 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, fiddle   

    DEM0NH00D:new topic!
    LAM0NT: Fiddle faddle…any thoughts?
    DEM0NH00D: not as good as poppycock!
    LAM0NT: I’m not eating anything with the word cock in it
    DEM0NH00D: that’s not what i hear
    DEM0NH00D: :p
    LAM0NT: suck my poppy

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  • Sean 3:17 pm on March 3, 2003 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    lamont: Taco Bell has no bell
    demonhood: mcdonalds is not irish
    demonhood: or scottish even
    lamont: Pizza Hut is run by humans not Hutts
    demonhood: there is no royalty at burger king
    lamont: Jack in the Box and Carl’s Junior are both utterly perverse names
    demonhood: wendy’s doesn’t even serve wendy burgers anymore
    lamont: And In and Out is no longer what “a hamburger is all about” They’re changing the name to “In and then snuggle a bit”
    demonhood: subway lives above ground
    lamont: Marie Calendar’s doesn’t know what month it is
    demonhood: sizzler boils everything
    lamont: Dairy Queen isn’t actually run by lactose intolerant gay men.
    demonhood: panda express food is comprised entirely of pandas that weren’t fast enough to get away
    lamont: Del Taco is not truly “Of the Taco”
    demonhood: olive garden salts the earth after they’ve gotten their produce
    lamont: Little Cesaer’s is all that remains of the Roman empire.
    demonhood: dominoes builds too closely to tall unstable neighboring establishments
    lamont: Don Jose isn’t really a Don
    demonhood: Red Robin’s carpet doesn’t match the drapes
    lamont: Black Angus is white.
    demonhood: outback steakhouse uses indoor plumbing
    lamont: Chili’s doesn’t use real baby backs.
    lamont: Long John Silvers wears boxers.
    demonhood: foster’s freeze serves warm food too
    lamont: White Castle is more of a fort.
    demonhood: the owner of Chevy’s prefers Fords
    lamont: Dunkin’ Donuts can only do layups
    demonhood: Krispy Kremes was actually started by a man named Krispy.

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  • Jen 10:51 am on November 8, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim   

    Dawn: there’s a river running in the grass outside my backdoor

    Jen: they might have to sandbag your porch. they do that some years there.

    Dawn: darn 1st floor apartment

    Jen: a river runs through it.

    Dawn: unless Brad Pitt is in that river, i don’t want it in my apartment.

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  • Stephenh 10:33 am on September 23, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, shower   

    stephenmhock: what would have happened if MC Hammer had really liked water?
    Auto response from Narfa5: shower time.

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  • Alex 9:00 am on August 12, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, lasers   

    alexatitp: laser tag bazooka?
    DEM0NH00D: hehe, that’s just nuts
    alexatitp: laser tag nerve gas
    alexatitp: laser tag demoralizing propoganda…
    DEM0NH00D: laser tag barbed wire
    DEM0NH00D: laser tag suicide pill
    alexatitp: laser tag wartime brothel
    DEM0NH00D: laser tag VD
    alexatitp: laser tag pine box / battleship sea burial kit
    DEM0NH00D: laser tag insignia wrapped over coffin
    alexatitp: laser tag powered automobiles
    DEM0NH00D: laser tag gatorade flavor
    alexatitp: laser tag news night with laser winning anchor, laser tag johnson
    DEM0NH00D: laser tag: invisible beams of pleasure. starring Jenna Jameson

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  • Anonymous 5:33 pm on July 7, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim   

    DEM0NH00D: pretty cheap
    averybridgette: whats cheap
    averybridgette: your prostitute?
    DEM0NH00D: yeah
    DEM0NH00D: she fell apart
    DEM0NH00D: i was disappointed
    DEM0NH00D: couldn’t even get my money back
    averybridgette: at least you have the sheep
    DEM0NH00D: i mean, that was bus fare
    averybridgette: and your handcuffs
    DEM0NH00D: the sheep will never leave me
    DEM0NH00D: because i have the handcuffs 🙂

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  • Stevem 3:29 pm on May 30, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, iceland   

    SMcGheek: nah. you see that thing about greenland?
    rehren: no, what is it?
    SMcGheek: slashdot.org
    rehren: iceland you mean?
    SMcGheek: ya
    SMcGheek: same thing 😉
    rehren: it is?
    SMcGheek: no
    SMcGheek: joking

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  • Jen 2:02 pm on May 28, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    While discussing a Catholic mass Dawn had recently attended…
    Narfa5 (1:57:39 PM): and i probably would have really gone off when i drank the wine
    Narfa5 (1:57:47 PM): they were using the communal cup too
    Narfa5 (1:57:50 PM): which is icky
    JenRHock (1:58:01 PM): no, no no! they wipe it with the Napkin of Our Lord.
    Narfa5 (1:58:12 PM): oh yeah, what was i thinking?
    Narfa5 (1:58:25 PM): god will kill the germies!
    Narfa5 (1:58:30 PM): but wait, he can’t do that, can he?
    JenRHock (1:58:34 PM): The Lord’s Napkin is made antibacterial by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus.

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  • Alex 10:47 am on May 20, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim   

    alexatitp (10:45:31 AM): lolly gaggling and tom foolery are sure paths to raddness ruination
    stealthjeffer (10:46:11 AM): i don’t know about you, but i wouldn’t mind gagging lolly.

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  • Stevem 3:06 pm on March 1, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    Deter7: hey steve, where’s your favorite place to have sex?

    Auto response from SMcGheek: in class..

    Deter7: heheheh

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  • Stevem 5:11 pm on September 20, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, brain damage   

    the conversation

    (after closing the window 3 times already)
    (16:47:58) peachesNcreamez: really no joke whats your real name
    (16:48:18) smcgheek: hey. im trying to get some work done here. would you mind not bothering me?
    (16:48:56) peachesNcreamez: do you know katie
    (16:49:22) smcgheek: go do some algebra homework
    (16:49:30) peachesNcreamez: no
    (16:49:35) peachesNcreamez: dont have any
    (16:49:38) smcgheek: sorry, then do some phonics.
    (16:49:46) peachesNcreamez: dont do that
    (16:50:06) smcgheek: seriously, im at work. im glad youre home from school.

    the user info

    Username : peachesNcreamez
    Member Since : Sun Jul 8 16:53:14 2001
    Warning Level : 0 %
    Online Since : Thu Sep 20 15:34:24 2001
    Idle Minutes : 11

    Hi to yall. I love Justin. you are my honey. i love you! :-*:-Pi miss you so much!

    shoutouts to:
    -everyone from the nationals pageant! we kicked ass out there girls!
    liz,kate,maria,justin,jen,jill,alyssa,britt,kiley,paige, ellen, and anyone else i forgot. === sorry if i forgot you. all of you mean a lot to me!!!!!- of course that was all bull!
    i love jagged edges new song “where the party at” and 112’s ” Peaches n Cream”

    steve- do you have raceing sperm? lol
    ellen- we need to get together and show steve and chris what its all about! lol
    brenna- you me and gym class! lol

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  • Stevem 10:48 am on August 13, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim   

    alexatitp: that is really weird
    SMcGheek: yuppers
    alexatitp: yuppers?
    SMcGheek: yup
    alexatitp: steve, is that you?
    SMcGheek: ya
    SMcGheek: i dont know what came over me. im sorry.
    SMcGheek: [shame]
    alexatitp: [embarrasment]
    SMcGheek: [vengance]
    alexatitp: [fear]
    SMcGheek: [rage]
    alexatitp: [dirty underpants]
    SMcGheek: [slaughter]
    alexatitp: [death?]
    SMcGheek: [guilt]
    SMcGheek: [denial]
    alexatitp: [haunting]
    SMcGheek: [acceptance]
    alexatitp: [appearance at own funeral]
    SMcGheek: [bewilderment]
    alexatitp: [ascention]
    SMcGheek: [praise]
    alexatitp: [judgement]
    SMcGheek: [damnation]
    alexatitp: [satisfaction]
    SMcGheek: [rage]
    SMcGheek: [again]
    SMcGheek: [st alex]
    alexatitp: again saint alex? or against alex
    SMcGheek: as in rage against the machine. st alex maybe too. creepy.
    alexatitp: i hope we haven’t just sealed our fates
    SMcGheek: god listens to aim conversations.
    alexatitp: can god see me masturbate?
    SMcGheek: only if you do it on aim
    alexatitp: uh oh
    SMcGheek: sinner.

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  • Stevem 9:07 am on June 1, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    rehren: i’ll install it after work.
    rehren: i have the cd in my pocket
    SMcGheek: hah. ok.
    SMcGheek: just walkin around with software on you, eh?
    rehren: always

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  • Jen 3:58 pm on May 14, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    Dawn, in AIM: “argh! all i want is freaking jungle love by steve miller band! is that too much to ask?”
    (and later…)
    “ooh, found steve meisner band: jammin! polkas.”
    (even later…)
    “oh yeah, this polka is jammin! “

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  • Sean 1:53 pm on March 8, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim, food poisoning   

    (theorizing on why Sean had a strange hallucination the morning before)

    JennH: You must have eaten something bad.
    Sean: i figured that i was either hallucinating or i had become a very powerful warlock in my sleep
    JennH: Like week old milk or something.
    Sean: no dairy products either, although i had fast food for dinner i think
    JennH: That could probably do it.
    JennH: Maybe it’s madcow disease in your hamburgers
    Sean: it was chicken. you beef eaters can have your crazy cows
    JennH: laughs
    Sean: i’d rather have my hallucinogenic chicken, thank you very much

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  • Stevem 8:59 pm on May 15, 2000 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    begin aim conversation:
    ICnerd: blizzablam!
    TycoonAlex: whaboom!
    ICnerd: chachink! kablam!
    TycoonAlex: fzzzpop whoopa!
    ICnerd: pshhhhhiitt… kaboooom!
    TycoonAlex: vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaa klazaam!
    ICnerd: chuggachuggachugga whammo!
    TycoonAlex: the chugga chugga stopped me. that one was too good
    ICnerd: i was seriously cracking up.. hard to type.. that was a
    good game.. same time, next week?
    end aim conversation

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  • Tobin 1:19 pm on March 23, 2000 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: aim,   

    Alex:  I could be downloading some serious porn right now if it weren’t for all these damn AIM conversations.

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