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  • Stevem 3:29 pm on May 30, 2002 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , iceland   

    SMcGheek: nah. you see that thing about greenland?
    rehren: no, what is it?
    SMcGheek: slashdot.org
    rehren: iceland you mean?
    SMcGheek: ya
    SMcGheek: same thing 😉
    rehren: it is?
    SMcGheek: no
    SMcGheek: joking

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  • Stevem 3:06 pm on March 1, 2002 Permalink | Reply
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    Deter7: hey steve, where’s your favorite place to have sex?

    Auto response from SMcGheek: in class..

    Deter7: heheheh

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  • Stevem 1:21 pm on January 4, 2002 Permalink | Reply
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    SMcGheek: randall is one big nerd: http://www.isber.ucsb.edu/~randall/l400/

    SMcGheek: he got that computer today.

    JenRHock: randalls such a big nerd, even I wanna beat him up and take his lunch money.

    SMcGheek: well put

    SMcGheek: i might have to quote you on that

    JenRHock: thats fine. that nerd compiled his own custom kernel.

    JenRHock: he should be warned the beating is coming. 😉

    SMcGheek: but somehow cant seem to make a link to show it off. lame nerd.

    JenRHock: his nerdness has no staying power.

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  • Stevem 5:11 pm on September 20, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , brain damage   

    the conversation

    (after closing the window 3 times already)
    (16:47:58) peachesNcreamez: really no joke whats your real name
    (16:48:18) smcgheek: hey. im trying to get some work done here. would you mind not bothering me?
    (16:48:56) peachesNcreamez: do you know katie
    (16:49:22) smcgheek: go do some algebra homework
    (16:49:30) peachesNcreamez: no
    (16:49:35) peachesNcreamez: dont have any
    (16:49:38) smcgheek: sorry, then do some phonics.
    (16:49:46) peachesNcreamez: dont do that
    (16:50:06) smcgheek: seriously, im at work. im glad youre home from school.

    the user info

    Username : peachesNcreamez
    Member Since : Sun Jul 8 16:53:14 2001
    Warning Level : 0 %
    Online Since : Thu Sep 20 15:34:24 2001
    Idle Minutes : 11

    Hi to yall. I love Justin. you are my honey. i love you! :-*:-Pi miss you so much!

    shoutouts to:
    -everyone from the nationals pageant! we kicked ass out there girls!
    liz,kate,maria,justin,jen,jill,alyssa,britt,kiley,paige, ellen, and anyone else i forgot. === sorry if i forgot you. all of you mean a lot to me!!!!!- of course that was all bull!
    i love jagged edges new song “where the party at” and 112’s ” Peaches n Cream”

    steve- do you have raceing sperm? lol
    ellen- we need to get together and show steve and chris what its all about! lol
    brenna- you me and gym class! lol

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  • Stevem 10:48 am on August 13, 2001 Permalink | Reply

    alexatitp: that is really weird
    SMcGheek: yuppers
    alexatitp: yuppers?
    SMcGheek: yup
    alexatitp: steve, is that you?
    SMcGheek: ya
    SMcGheek: i dont know what came over me. im sorry.
    SMcGheek: [shame]
    alexatitp: [embarrasment]
    SMcGheek: [vengance]
    alexatitp: [fear]
    SMcGheek: [rage]
    alexatitp: [dirty underpants]
    SMcGheek: [slaughter]
    alexatitp: [death?]
    SMcGheek: [guilt]
    SMcGheek: [denial]
    alexatitp: [haunting]
    SMcGheek: [acceptance]
    alexatitp: [appearance at own funeral]
    SMcGheek: [bewilderment]
    alexatitp: [ascention]
    SMcGheek: [praise]
    alexatitp: [judgement]
    SMcGheek: [damnation]
    alexatitp: [satisfaction]
    SMcGheek: [rage]
    SMcGheek: [again]
    SMcGheek: [st alex]
    alexatitp: again saint alex? or against alex
    SMcGheek: as in rage against the machine. st alex maybe too. creepy.
    alexatitp: i hope we haven’t just sealed our fates
    SMcGheek: god listens to aim conversations.
    alexatitp: can god see me masturbate?
    SMcGheek: only if you do it on aim
    alexatitp: uh oh
    SMcGheek: sinner.

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  • Stevem 9:07 am on June 1, 2001 Permalink | Reply
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    rehren: i’ll install it after work.
    rehren: i have the cd in my pocket
    SMcGheek: hah. ok.
    SMcGheek: just walkin around with software on you, eh?
    rehren: always

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  • Stevem 3:26 pm on May 31, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , handy down   

    rehren: handy down parts suck.
    SMcGheek: its hand-me down.
    rehren: oh.

    stevem@redigital:[~] % e “randall said you said you’d go if we went” | al
    Message from bushwacker@redigital.org on ttyp1 at 15:22 …
    randall also said ‘handy downs’

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  • Stevem 1:32 pm on May 29, 2001 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ,   

    rehren: k. ftp only access he has.

    SMcGheek: thanks yoda.

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  • Stevem 8:59 pm on May 15, 2000 Permalink | Reply
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    begin aim conversation:
    ICnerd: blizzablam!
    TycoonAlex: whaboom!
    ICnerd: chachink! kablam!
    TycoonAlex: fzzzpop whoopa!
    ICnerd: pshhhhhiitt… kaboooom!
    TycoonAlex: vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaa klazaam!
    ICnerd: chuggachuggachugga whammo!
    TycoonAlex: the chugga chugga stopped me. that one was too good
    ICnerd: i was seriously cracking up.. hard to type.. that was a
    good game.. same time, next week?
    end aim conversation

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  • Stevem 12:09 pm on April 2, 2000 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: dedication,   

    overheard while walking to phelps
    girl: no, sorry, i cant. i have to help my ex-boyfriend wax his chest.

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  • Stevem 11:03 am on February 3, 2000 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: pearl harbor   

    (after andy claimed he was responsible for the pearl harbor attack, coincidentally (sp?) on his birthday)
    Wes: Andy, you weren’t even a twinkle in someone’s twinkle then!

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  • Stevem 9:04 am on January 19, 2000 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anatomy, pokemon   

    Christine: the cutest pokemon is called Scrotum

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  • Stevem 5:05 pm on October 14, 1999 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , toys   

    Alex: I’m going to the little boys room. To do little boy things.
    Sean: What, like go play with Hot Wheels?

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  • Stevem 9:06 pm on August 22, 1999 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bowling, cheating   

    AT Rock’n Bowl:

    Steve: I dont want to win, ive already seen [6th sense], but i entered twice..
    Billy: Yeah, well i entered three times, im gonna win!
    <Over the loudspeaker>
    The winner… Billy Barker!
    –billy goes and gets prize–
    <The next winner is… Billy Barker? … Cheater! Now you dont get the prize.>
    Billy: Hey. Screw.
    …later that night…
    <Lets get another big winner… Billy Barker?? Whats with this guy?>
    Steve: Thats a cryin’ damn shame.

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  • Stevem 10:55 am on June 28, 1999 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: spooning   

    Billy: Phil, you missed it last night, Sean taught Alex how to spoon.

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  • Stevem 11:08 pm on June 15, 1999 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , puberty   

    Billy at Carrow’s: “Look everyone, i can make the snake grow.”

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  • Stevem 11:09 am on May 20, 1999 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: robots   

    Phil:  “The only reason I’m in ECE is because I had that robotic arm”

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