Babies R Delicious

madeline: nerd
sean: geek
madeline: pedophile
sean: baby cannibal
madeline: puppy shishkababer
sean: raccoon fornicator
madeline: atheist
sean: mormon
madeline: my computer got unplugged. mike did it…christian fundamentalist.
sean: always blaming others…
madeline: i put blame where blame is due… anti-abortion doctor-killer.
sean: a likely story….televangelist
madeline: bake me cookies… apartheid supporter.
sean: bake your own cookies…. bush cabinet member
madeline: i’m busy – you do it…prussian blue fan.
sean: the kitchen is full already…..holocaust denier
madeline: … mel gibson fan.
sean: paris hilton stalker
madeline: katie holmes impregnator
sean: scientologist missionary
madeline: missionary-style purist
sean: abstinence only teacher
madeline: god-made-aids-to-punish-gay-people believer
sean: abu ghraib prison manual author
*insert problem with displaying a picture in the chat window*
madeline: it would’ve worked fine if you hadn’t mucked it up… funny picture sabotager.
sean: i live to thwart your efforts….carrot top fanclub president.
madeline: you are a vile, vile monster… martha stewart sexer-upper.
sean: my cruelty knows no bounds…..michael jackson defense fund contributor
madeline: talker-during-the-quiet-parts-in-the-movie-theater-er.
sean: Perfect Strangers erotic fanfic writer
madeline: now that’s just going too far!
sean: haha! i win!

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