Alien Vs. Predator – The Game!

jen: here are the rules: somebody offers up somebody or something to fight against Alien. the other person decides the winner.
jen: I’ll start: Alien versus Sasquatch!
sean: oooh, tough one. as long as the alien didn’t get the drop on sassy, i think he could crush the alien with his raw power. but it’d be close.
sean: Alien vs. the original Terminator!
jen: wow, that’s tough. i’d give it to Alien in that one. original Terminator was kind of a puss. once some acid blood got on him, he’d be a big puddle.
jen: Alien versus Fluffy Kittens!
sean: hehe. alien, while temporarily distracted by their supreme cuteitude, regretfully dispatches of the fluffy kittens.
jen: and Fluffy Kittens vs. Predator?
sean: the predator doesn’t attack unarmed and defenseless creatures. he’d put them on craigslist and find them a good home. besides, their pelt would be too small to be a suitable trophy
jen: hm, ok. what if it was fluffy kittens with bombs strapped to their tummies?
sean: predator would laser them from afar. the little puffs of exploding fur would sadden him slightly
sean: Alien vs. Ghostbusters!
jen: Alien. he is not made out of ectoplasm.

(later that evening)

jen: Alien vs. The Human Condition!
sean: Alien vs. ennui!
jen: Alien versus Seasonal Affective Disorder!
sean: Alien vs. the Catholic Church!
jen: Alien as religious revolutionary… 🙂 Alien versus the Heartbreak of Genital Herpes!
sean: Alien vs. Doris the Ex-Girlfriend! “i told you it’s over. stop calling here!”
jen: Alien versus Billy Idol!
sean: Alien would fear the sneer. 🙂 Alien vs. Prince!
jen: Alien
sean: i guess not even Prince’s space age guitar phallus can defeat the Alien
jen: no, but if it was prince vs predator, the answer would be: funk.

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