(online conversation via broadcast messages)

Steve: anyone else hear those sirens on campus?
Sean: some power transformer blow up again or something?
Jen: if you all die, I get your stereos
Steve: granted
Alex: i’d like to be burried with my stereo playing ‘tell me something good’
Sean: much better choice than queen’s ‘another one bites the dust’.
Tobin: I’d like to be buried with my stereo playing ‘let’s get it on’
Sean: maybe we should get into the business of coffin tunes. tobin tries to sell them on something innappropriate, and one of us plays the consoling sensitive one who sells them ‘Stairway to Heaven’ instead. it’s foolproof
Tobin: what’s that smell? that smells like… like… brilliance!
Alex: as if a coffin playing stairway to heaven ISN’T inappropriate
Sean: it’ll seem downright poetic next to tobin’s ‘me so horny’ suggestion
Tobin: ooh… we could start with an exhumation special, for those who were unfortunately buried without a soundtrack
Sean: ‘their afterlife will not be one of silent rotting any longer’. that’ll be our motto
Tobin: and we could have different packages, rotting to the oldies, rott and roll or make your own ‘decomposition composition’

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