Jen: i like that on netflix, they list Keith Carradine as costarring in Deadwood in every single episode.
Sean: the spirit of buffalo bill lives on!
Jen: they should say “Co-stars Keith Carradine* (*Keith Carradine fans should prepare for disappointment.)”
Sean: the head of his fan club should file a complaint
Jen: “where’s keith carradine???” “watch episode 2” “nooooooooooo!”
Sean: “i’m running dangerously low on carradine, as required by my doctor”
Jen: it’s what you take when you’re feeling melodramatic
Jen: “what do i have, doctor?” “you have a case of the Shut the Hell Ups. take some carradine.”
Sean: for the small cases, he prescribes carradine with added david essense.

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