Our Lord’s Paper Towel

While discussing a Catholic mass Dawn had recently attended…
Narfa5 (1:57:39 PM): and i probably would have really gone off when i drank the wine
Narfa5 (1:57:47 PM): they were using the communal cup too
Narfa5 (1:57:50 PM): which is icky
JenRHock (1:58:01 PM): no, no no! they wipe it with the Napkin of Our Lord.
Narfa5 (1:58:12 PM): oh yeah, what was i thinking?
Narfa5 (1:58:25 PM): god will kill the germies!
Narfa5 (1:58:30 PM): but wait, he can’t do that, can he?
JenRHock (1:58:34 PM): The Lord’s Napkin is made antibacterial by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus.

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