So, Hockey Then?

sean: yup. hockey is on
alex: yea, hockey is where it’s at
sean: hockey is da place
alex: hockey in ya face
sean: hockey – it’s a pants thing
alex: hockey – not just for cows anymore
sean: hockey – 4 out of 5 dentists agree, it’s greeeeaaat!
alex: it would take 10 games of monopoly to equal the amount of hotels you can build in just one game of hockey!
alex: women have one period a month, hockey has three in a night!
sean: we’ve replaced alex’s golf with hockey, let’s see if he notices the difference..
sean: when your wife leaves you, your truck breaks down, and your dog dies, turn to hockey. country music will only depress you
alex: do sports really have the ability to hurt, mame, and kill you? sports do. -hockey
sean: H E Double Hockey Sticks. Hockey, the choice of sport for the underworld
alex: hockey: play it, you pussy
sean: hockey: if you’re not bleeding and bruised, you’re not playing it right
alex: hockey: teeth optional
sean: this isn’t your mom’s hockey
alex: hockey: it’s like soccer, but fun.
sean: hockey: it’s like sex, but with more padding and a mouthguard. and slightly less penetration
alex: on the road of life there is opera, and there is hockey. opera sucks
sean: i came here to chew bubblegum and play hockey. and i’m all outta bubblegum
alex: if you like to crush the competition, work in a team, go for the gold, and play to win: join the rowing team. if you like to fight: play hockey
sean: chickens have no lips, worms have no arms, and football players have no necks. stop thinking about body parts and pick up your god damned hockey stick already
sean: hockey: i ain’t wearin’ this cup because it’s fashionable
alex: hockey: big gloves, big skates, big sticks… you figure it out
alex: in the game of life you can be anything you want to be. but wouldn’t you just rather play hockey?
sean: hockey: when we’re not making lists, we’re kicking your asses

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