(while perusing an upcoming movie sequel site)

jen: “Charlie’s Angels 3 is going to be a lot more like the TV series. And I am absolutely thrilled that my good friend John Travolta is going to have a cameo role!”
jen: that screaming sound you hear is my brains exiting my skull at high velocity.
jen: “Die Hard 4.0: John McClane is retired from the police force in this fourth installment, with computers will figure largely in the story line.”
jen: a futuristic computing device, you say!
sean: “The Brazilian Job” {sequel to The Italian Job}
sean: Marky Mark takes on his most devious enemy yet…the bikini line!
jen: Indiana Jones 4: The Adventure of Making This Movie Before the Principal Cast DIES
jen: “Update of the 1979 vampire film Love at First Bite about Dracula who moves to New York to find a bride. “Second Bite” takes place 25 years later, centering on Dracula’s Americanized son, who has rejected his family’s heritage and is getting married to a human. Trouble ensues when he learns that his vampire relatives are coming to America for the wedding”
jen: It’s a comedy of errors!
sean: holy shit, i thought you were kidding. that’s…that’s not right
jen: spiderman 3: with topher grace as the new villain, “Dr. Daintyfop”!
sean: Straight Out of Compton 2
Cast: Blair Underwood, Blair Underwood, Blair Underwood
sean: that’s a lot of underwood
sean: Usual Suspects 2: Searching For Keyser Soze & His Bags of Sequel Money

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