Copulating Cousins

(hick battle)

Jen: they are making sweet love to their cousins down there, boy.
Sean: they wouldn’t dare!
Jen: they bring them flowers and candies and hope they get to cousin third base
Sean: they’re a blue drop in a sea of red. they’ve got to set examples
Jen: which they always do, cause those cousins are loose
Sean: referring to it as “cousin third base” is probably enough to do it. they’d laugh so hard they’d never notice being disrobed.

not that that ever happens, of course

Jen: “hahahaha…wait, my vagina”

“cousin jethro, are you up to no good agin?”

also, little known fact: cousin third base is actually equivalent to regular person home run, except with your cousin. cousin home run is when you have a baby with your cousin.

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