Vagina Hubris

sean: the new trend seems to be viagra emails with random text from LOTR inserted at the end
jen: so eventually you’ll have the whole book
sean: “there are a lot more amazed vaginas in this story than i remember from the movie.”
jen: “Quaking in fear, Frodo beheld the horrible spider. From behind him he heard Sam’s faintly whimper: “Is your vagina as amazed as mine?””
sean: now that’s literature.
sean: “The Balrog fell from the bridge, tumbling into the fiery depths of the center of the earth. If only he could have lasted longer with his woman, he might have survived.”
jen: “Gandalf leaned triumphantly over the edge. “Now THAT’S how you amaze a vagina!” he said with proud satisfaction. Suddenly, the ground beneath his feet began to crumble, and then he too fell into the void. “No!” cried Frodo, while Gimli hung his head in his huge hands. “Truly, Gandalf’s vagina hubris was his undoing.”
sean: best girl rock band name of the day “Vagina Hubris”
jen: i rewrote the plot of that bit a little
sean: i barely noticed. the vagina was interwoven with the regular story quite well
jen: i work with a public action group whose mission is to insert more vagina into literature.
sean: i am intrigued by your organization and would like to subscribe to your newsletter
jen: it’s tricky, but we’re making inroads. you should see what we’ve done with children’s literature – The Berenstain Bears’ First Haircut was particulary successful.

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