Leprechaun Sequels

Stephen: you should have written the tag line for leprechaun 6. the current one is “evil has a whole new rap!” i know some white guy in a neckerchief wrote that.
Sean: he wore a special green neckerchief the day that he wrote that. you know, for inspiration

Sean: Leprechaun 7: Lady Lumps “Somewhere over the rainbow, even an evil leprechaun can find love!”
Stephen: Leprechaun 8: Off the Chain?
Sean: Leprechaun 9: Miami Style starring David Caruso and his sunglasses
Stephen: Leprechaun 10: Spreadin’ the Cheese
Sean: Leprechaun 11: Bam! Killin’ it up a notch
Stephen: Leprechaun 12: One Death to a Baker’s Dozen
Sean: Leprechaun 13: Sifting through the Blood of Time
Stephen: Leprechaun 14: Overkill!
Sean: Leprechaun 15: Leprechaun vs. The Tooth Fairy
Stephen: Leprechaun 16: 16 Ways to Die in Ireland
Sean: Leprechaun 17: Fall of the Gold Market
Stephen: Leprechaun 18: Thoughts and Feelings
Sean: Leprechaun 19: Chillin’ at Walden Pond

Stephen: Leprechaun XX: Keep the Dream Alive
Sean: Leprechaun XXI: Roman Bathhouse Battle Royale
Stephen: Leprechaun XXII: Green to Red, Live to Dead
Stephen: it’d be shaped as an X — the “to” in the middle, and the title as the cross pieces. so just one “to”
Sean: Leprechaun XXIII: Halloscream’s Eve
Stephen: Leprechaun XXIV: Bruce Willis Cameo
Sean: Leprechaun XXV: Electric Boogaloo
Stephen: Leprechaun XXVI: Counting Rose Petals
Sean: Leprechaun XXVII: Where For Art Thou Gold
Stephen: Leprechaun XXVIII: Moonlighting
Sean: Leprechaun XXIX: Shorties Killing Shorties

Stephen: Leprechaun xXx: xXx Vs. Leprechaun
Sean: Leprechaun XXXI: Enemy Combatant
Stephen: Leprechaun XXXII: Tending Bar
Sean: Leprechaun XXXIII: Down & Out & Paying Child Support
Stephen: Leprechaun XXXIV: XXXIV Ways to Die in Ireland
Sean: Leprechaun XXXV: Corned Beef with a Side of Blood
Stephen: Leprechaun XXXVI: Leprechaun’s Run
Sean: Leprechaun XXXVII: Return of the Platinum Pirate
Stephen: Leprechaun XXXVIII: Legendary
Sean: Leprechaun XXXIX: Too X to Handle

Stephen: Leprechaun XXXX: Not a Lawn Gnome, 4 Reelz
Sean: actually, it’s XL
Stephen: doh!
Stephen: Leprechaun XLI: Letters and Numbers
Sean: Leprechaun XLII: Dysfunctional Family Reunion
Stephen: Leprechaun XLIII: Owen Wilson Plays Himself
Sean: Leprechaun XLIV: LIVe Green or Die
Stephen: Leprechaun XLV: Wicked Workout
Sean: Leprechaun XLVI: Killin to the Oldies
Stephen: Leprechaun XLVII: Causality
Sean: Leprechaun XLVIII: Occam’s Razor…..of Pain
Stephen: Leprechaun XLIX: Speeding Zalicks
Sean: Leprechaun L: Lusty Lesbians

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