Cuddle Hamster Monsters

(The rat pee talk continues)

Jen: seriously tho, rats do that. remember to wash your hands the next time you cuddle a hamster.

Sean: i will remember that, next time i cuddle a hamster. which will be never.
i hope

Jen: i used to cuddle our hamster. but i always washed my hands.

Sean: or wore mittens

Jen: no, because then you have to wash the mittens
sometimes it is just better to get the pee all over your hands.

Sean: you’re right, that’s a pain. and then they’d be all faded when they’re pinned to your jacket

Jen: no, hamsters don’t enjoy being pinned to a jacket

Sean: “Now Jen, don’t forget your hamster for show and tell.” *PINNED*

Jen: it’s nicer to tie two hamsters to a long string and then feed them through the sleeves of your jacket

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