Don’t Pee in the Gatoroid

(Discussing Debbie Gibson and Tiffany starring in a new movie called “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.”)

Sean: the title is dangerously close to getting me excited about buying some electrolytes tho

Jen: wouldn’t a gatoroid be a smaller version of a gator?
like a meteoroid?

Sean: good question

Jen: or a metroid?

Sean: it could also be a gator on steroids
or a gator/android
or a gator who drank too much gatorade

Jen: i dunno about the steroids
a gator who has to pee like, all the time
“I had the flu last week and now I can’t stop peeing, chomp chomp”

Sean: “It makes me so angry I could stomp on this stupid town. Also, I hope my human enemies don’t use this trail of pee to track me.”

Jen: i find it interesting that you interpret gators as rodents in this scenario, peeing in trails all over the place

Sean: everything pees, not just rodents. but yes, my closest gator association is the batman villain who lived in the sewers. so, close enough

Jen: i know everything pees, but rodents pee all the time to mark their way around
i mean, do YOU pee all the time so you can find your way back to your burrow?

Sean: no, i have gps for that

Jen: hahaha
Global Peeing System

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