The Ron Silver Rule

[online debate. subject: Time Travel.]

Jen: if watching Back to the Future taught me anything, it’s that your past and future selves cannot meet, or else you destroy the universe.
Sean: i dunno. if i take Timecop as gospel (and why wouldn’t i?!), then they couldn’t fight because they’d cancel each other out and cease to exist if they touched. poor Ron Silver.
Jen: interesting. but if they exist in the same moment, why does touching even matter?
Sean: something about the same object not being able to exist in the same space. van damme probably did the splits to distract from this plot point.
Jen: but they DON’T exist in the same space. they’d only exist in the same space if Ron Silver A’s atoms materialized in the EXACT SAME place as Ron Silver B’s, and in that case Ron Silver A would probably explode or something anyway.
Sean: i guess touching was enough of an overlap to cause problems. it’s not like they were making out or anything. just a bump.
Jen: if Ron Silver A is just fighting Ron Silver B, their molecules don’t exist in the same place at the same time at all – they’re just foxyboxing. i find this “Timecop” premise ludicrous.
Sean: in van damme’s universe, it was close enough.
Jen: but it’s NOT close enough!
Sean: the universe rounds up.

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