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  • Sean 2:20 pm on May 18, 2006 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: abortion, , ron silver   

    jen: I wonder if there’s any way we can ensure that we stay on top of the Ron Silver Abortion game.
    jen: which would be an awesome, yet deeply disturbing, home game.
    jen: the object of the game is to not roll Ron Silver.
    sean: the packaging would be….outstanding
    sean: “i rolled an abortion! i get to move past time cop and go directly to the west wing!”
    jen: but if you roll snakeeyes, watch out! detour into schlocky B vampire movie!
    sean: “crap, mistaken for dennis miller. go back 3 spaces!”
    jen: this is one of those times when i wish i knew more about ron silver.
    jen: of course, at all other times i’m glad i don’t. yet…
    sean: i’ve pretty much exhausted my knowledge of him. we’d have to make up the rest to fill out the abortion game.
    jen: personally i can’t get over the idea of rolling a Ron Silver, then having him roar into your living room to perform an abortion
    jen: although that would probably only happen in the commercial. at the end they’d have to put a disclaimer: “Ron Silver does not actually roar into your living room to perform an abortion.”
    jen: also in this scenario, for some reason i’m thinking of Al Pacino instead of Ron Silver.
    sean: hooooha!
    sean: now that’s an overly enthusiastic abortion
    jen: I was very excited to learn I wasn’t going to get an abortion from Ron Silver.

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  • Sean 3:07 pm on March 1, 2006 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: b actors, , ron silver   

    sean: hahahahaha. thanks to our little time travel conversation, the 11th google result for “abortion, ron silver” is the quotes page
    jen: “abortion, ron silver”? why would anybody be searching for that?
    sean: someone must be curious about ron silver’s abortion stance. next query “child labor, steven segal”
    jen: “equal housing rights, lou diamond phillips”
    sean: “unemployment benefits, ralph macchio”
    jen: “literacy pledge drives, kathy ireland”
    sean: “homeless shelters, lance henriksen”
    jen: “wastewater management practices, antonio sabato jr.”
    sean: “teen pregnancy, dean cain”
    jen: “affordable health care, kristanna loken”
    sean: “international silver trading, robert patrick”
    jen: “international microchip exporting, alexandra paul”
    sean: “anti-fur campaigning, rutger hauer”
    jen: “german reunification, michael shanks”
    sean: “religious tolerance, treat williams”
    jen: but isn’t treat williams already on that wb show where everyone practices christian values?
    sean: damnit! you’re right. Holier Than Thou, Alaska, i think it’s called
    jen: wasn’t it “Rocking Chair Hill, Wisconsin”?
    sean: i’m pretty sure it’s “Oral Isn’t Sex, Wyoming”
    jen: “It’s Not Gay If You’re Receiving, Tennessee”
    sean: hahaha. now that’s a place to raise a family
    jen: oh, you card. you know there’s no raising families in a town like that!

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  • Jen 10:30 am on December 14, 2005 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , ron silver, time cop   

    [online debate. subject: Time Travel.]

    Jen: if watching Back to the Future taught me anything, it’s that your past and future selves cannot meet, or else you destroy the universe.
    Sean: i dunno. if i take Timecop as gospel (and why wouldn’t i?!), then they couldn’t fight because they’d cancel each other out and cease to exist if they touched. poor Ron Silver.
    Jen: interesting. but if they exist in the same moment, why does touching even matter?
    Sean: something about the same object not being able to exist in the same space. van damme probably did the splits to distract from this plot point.
    Jen: but they DON’T exist in the same space. they’d only exist in the same space if Ron Silver A’s atoms materialized in the EXACT SAME place as Ron Silver B’s, and in that case Ron Silver A would probably explode or something anyway.
    Sean: i guess touching was enough of an overlap to cause problems. it’s not like they were making out or anything. just a bump.
    Jen: if Ron Silver A is just fighting Ron Silver B, their molecules don’t exist in the same place at the same time at all – they’re just foxyboxing. i find this “Timecop” premise ludicrous.
    Sean: in van damme’s universe, it was close enough.
    Jen: but it’s NOT close enough!
    Sean: the universe rounds up.

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