Search Queries 2006 Part 2

(it continues)

sean: i found “fucking women”
jen: wow. so how many of those do you get?
sean: 17 this month alone
jen: i think you and i need to have a talk.
jen: about all these fucking women.
sean: man, i wish i had a women fucking problem
jen: i don’t know how to tell you, but when all you’re doing is constantly fucking, women will never get a chance to know the real you.
sean: that’s a chance i’m willing to take. for awhile at least.
jen: gah, you broke form! all your sentences must contain the phrase “fucking women” in order for this to bump you up!
jen: the goal is to make you #1 in fucking women.
sean: damn! fucking women confused me
sean: i didn’t know that fucking women were so elusive that one had to google for them
jen: maybe they’re looking for fucking women techniques
jen: maybe they live in utah, and you can’t find a fucking woman anywhere. only nonfucking women.
sean: a damn shame. but i’m not sure a search engine ever helped any with fucking women. especially fucking religious women.
jen: i can’t stand those fucking women.
jen: with their vaginas and saving them for jesus.
sean: jesus isn’t going to do anything with those vaginas! what a fucking waste. women. bah.
jen: poor jesus.
sean: he should really clue those women in. there’s a guy on google who could use that vagina.

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