sean: hahahahaha. thanks to our little time travel conversation, the 11th google result for “abortion, ron silver” is the quotes page
jen: “abortion, ron silver”? why would anybody be searching for that?
sean: someone must be curious about ron silver’s abortion stance. next query “child labor, steven segal”
jen: “equal housing rights, lou diamond phillips”
sean: “unemployment benefits, ralph macchio”
jen: “literacy pledge drives, kathy ireland”
sean: “homeless shelters, lance henriksen”
jen: “wastewater management practices, antonio sabato jr.”
sean: “teen pregnancy, dean cain”
jen: “affordable health care, kristanna loken”
sean: “international silver trading, robert patrick”
jen: “international microchip exporting, alexandra paul”
sean: “anti-fur campaigning, rutger hauer”
jen: “german reunification, michael shanks”
sean: “religious tolerance, treat williams”
jen: but isn’t treat williams already on that wb show where everyone practices christian values?
sean: damnit! you’re right. Holier Than Thou, Alaska, i think it’s called
jen: wasn’t it “Rocking Chair Hill, Wisconsin”?
sean: i’m pretty sure it’s “Oral Isn’t Sex, Wyoming”
jen: “It’s Not Gay If You’re Receiving, Tennessee”
sean: hahaha. now that’s a place to raise a family
jen: oh, you card. you know there’s no raising families in a town like that!

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