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  • Sean 12:57 pm on May 19, 2006 Permalink | Reply
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    (search queries)

    sean: ah, here’s one of yours: cool runnings plot point
    jen: wait, they were searching for ANY plot point?
    sean: yup. and THREE people searched for that so far this month
    jen: fucking awesome! you don’t know what # you were, by any chance?
    sean: shows up as #2 on mine
    sean: only being beaten by the fucking IMDB ENTRY
    jen: clearly there isn’t enough discourse going on regarding the plot of Cool Runnings.
    sean: you have the Jamaican power jen!
    jen: i do! i totally do!
    jen: did you know that in lieu of pay, John Candy actually worked for scotch?
    jen: so those scenes where he looked hung over, he was actually hung over. he worked Method.
    sean: i would say that sounds like an excellent plan, but he also died on the set of a film
    jen: well, sometimes you sacrifice all for your craft.

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  • Sean 2:20 pm on May 18, 2006 Permalink | Reply
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    jen: I wonder if there’s any way we can ensure that we stay on top of the Ron Silver Abortion game.
    jen: which would be an awesome, yet deeply disturbing, home game.
    jen: the object of the game is to not roll Ron Silver.
    sean: the packaging would be….outstanding
    sean: “i rolled an abortion! i get to move past time cop and go directly to the west wing!”
    jen: but if you roll snakeeyes, watch out! detour into schlocky B vampire movie!
    sean: “crap, mistaken for dennis miller. go back 3 spaces!”
    jen: this is one of those times when i wish i knew more about ron silver.
    jen: of course, at all other times i’m glad i don’t. yet…
    sean: i’ve pretty much exhausted my knowledge of him. we’d have to make up the rest to fill out the abortion game.
    jen: personally i can’t get over the idea of rolling a Ron Silver, then having him roar into your living room to perform an abortion
    jen: although that would probably only happen in the commercial. at the end they’d have to put a disclaimer: “Ron Silver does not actually roar into your living room to perform an abortion.”
    jen: also in this scenario, for some reason i’m thinking of Al Pacino instead of Ron Silver.
    sean: hooooha!
    sean: now that’s an overly enthusiastic abortion
    jen: I was very excited to learn I wasn’t going to get an abortion from Ron Silver.

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  • Sean 3:07 pm on March 1, 2006 Permalink | Reply
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    sean: hahahahaha. thanks to our little time travel conversation, the 11th google result for “abortion, ron silver” is the quotes page
    jen: “abortion, ron silver”? why would anybody be searching for that?
    sean: someone must be curious about ron silver’s abortion stance. next query “child labor, steven segal”
    jen: “equal housing rights, lou diamond phillips”
    sean: “unemployment benefits, ralph macchio”
    jen: “literacy pledge drives, kathy ireland”
    sean: “homeless shelters, lance henriksen”
    jen: “wastewater management practices, antonio sabato jr.”
    sean: “teen pregnancy, dean cain”
    jen: “affordable health care, kristanna loken”
    sean: “international silver trading, robert patrick”
    jen: “international microchip exporting, alexandra paul”
    sean: “anti-fur campaigning, rutger hauer”
    jen: “german reunification, michael shanks”
    sean: “religious tolerance, treat williams”
    jen: but isn’t treat williams already on that wb show where everyone practices christian values?
    sean: damnit! you’re right. Holier Than Thou, Alaska, i think it’s called
    jen: wasn’t it “Rocking Chair Hill, Wisconsin”?
    sean: i’m pretty sure it’s “Oral Isn’t Sex, Wyoming”
    jen: “It’s Not Gay If You’re Receiving, Tennessee”
    sean: hahaha. now that’s a place to raise a family
    jen: oh, you card. you know there’s no raising families in a town like that!

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