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sean: ah, here’s one of yours: cool runnings plot point
jen: wait, they were searching for ANY plot point?
sean: yup. and THREE people searched for that so far this month
jen: fucking awesome! you don’t know what # you were, by any chance?
sean: shows up as #2 on mine
sean: only being beaten by the fucking IMDB ENTRY
jen: clearly there isn’t enough discourse going on regarding the plot of Cool Runnings.
sean: you have the Jamaican power jen!
jen: i do! i totally do!
jen: did you know that in lieu of pay, John Candy actually worked for scotch?
jen: so those scenes where he looked hung over, he was actually hung over. he worked Method.
sean: i would say that sounds like an excellent plan, but he also died on the set of a film
jen: well, sometimes you sacrifice all for your craft.

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